Both large and small businesses are benefited by 1300 numbers Sydney, these numbers are normally obtained through an auction process. Over the years, this number could be an important aspect of branding and marketing of your business strategy. Let us see the important benefits of getting this number for your business.

1300 numbers provide a professional appearance

Though bigger businesses can invest in bigger advertising campaigns which build trust and authority, small businesses do not have those resources. A 1300 number is an affordable way to build that credibility and to relieve all the anxieties of a potential customer he or she may have to try a new service provider.

Private mobile and landline number do not appear professional like 1300 numbers. These 1300 numbers give potential customers the impression that your business is reliable, established and legitimate as well.

1300 numbers can be easily remembered

It looks very simple. If a customer can remember your number, they can call you easily. Landline and mobile numbers usually have ten digits, but 1300 numbers have only six digits. Apart from being shorter, these are available from several providers in a pattern of names and numbers.

Relocation becomes easy with 1300 numbers

Many small businesses will decide to relocate at one or the other time. Businesses that have conventional landline may face difficulties in this situation. A new number means you will have to buy new marketing tools, update all the pages of your website and local listing in directories as well. The last thing that you need for your business is a customer calling your old number and find that it doesn’t exist anymore. They may consider your business is gone forever. 1300 numbers never depend on a location. You just have to change the answer point and you are all set to go.

1300 numbers are not dependent on location. All you’ll need to do is change the answer point.