In the 19th century, magnet seemed like magic but in the 21st century, magnets are common and people are used to them. Magnetism is simply the force of attraction that is commonly created by the electric currents. There are specific materials such as iron that can be used in the making of the magnets.

Not all material can be attracted by magnets apart from materials with opposite poles as the magnet. The facts about magnets are known by almost everyone. Manufacturers like the neodymium magnet manufacturer also know about the facts about magnets.

Fact number one, magnets have ends called poles. The ends are only two in a magnet. The first pole is usually referred to us the North Pole and sometimes knowns as the north seeking pole while the other pole is the South Pole. Without these two poles, a magnet can never exist.

The second fact about this magnets is that different poles attract while the same poles repel. Therefore, the North Pole is only meant to attract the South Pole while the south pole to do the same to the North Pole. That’s why magnets have a common saying of like poles repelling while the unlike poles attracting.

For magnetization to occur, there is always a creation of a magnetic field. This is a field that is usually not visible. Although you cannot see the magnetic field, when it exists you can simply see the attraction.

Magnetization occurs when a piece of magnet is passed over a piece of magnetic material. When you do that to a material such as iron or any other magnetic material, there is a likelihood that you will be converting the material into a magnet.

The process is well-known as magnetization. There are so many facts about magnets but lucky enough, so many people already know about them.