Simple Way To Come Up With AR Headset

The four main steps in coming up with a DIY AR headset are, creating what is referred to as an enclosure, doing some coding, ensuring the electronics are assembled, and then finally, combining everything together.

The materials that are basic for use for the augmented reality glasses are relatively cheap and you can easily find them online. Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v; stationary push button switch; 0.49 inch OLED Display; 5V mini USB 1 A battery – lithium charger module; Gesture sensor APDS-9960; lithium battery 3.7v; mini spy camera; and Bluetooth module HC-06. The tools which will do the job for you include soldering iron; 3D-printer; to create rectangular holes, a small Dremel will come in handy; Superglue; and a hot glue gun. Read More