A man’s vest: Does he need a man’s wardrobe?

Often, men underestimate an element of clothing, like a vest. At first glance it seems useless and with nothing incompatible piece of cloth, however, having learned about what kinds of vests exist, what to wear them with and what to combine, you will love them with a 90% probability. Vests, as well as jackets are single-breasted (1) and double-breasted (2).

The basic rules that should be considered when choosing a vest:

The classic waistcoat should fit properly to the body. To avoid unnecessary folds of fabric or excessive tension, the vest is better to sew to order.

The underside of the waistcoat should cover the belt of trousers.

The bottom button of the waistcoat should always be unbuttoned.

Three piece suit

It consists of trousers, jacket and waistcoat. Most often, all three elements are made from the same fabric and problems with their combination do not arise. In this suit, the waistcoat performs a function of a kind of stylish warmth-keeping suit. Also, there is a variant of a three-piece suit with a waistcoat that is different in shade (formal version) or even in contrast color (more informal).

Vest in the style of “Black Tie”

This is the only kind of waistcoat that is not worn alone, only as part of a suit. Sometimes these vests are sewn without a back, as they are intended only for socks under the jacket and another feature of the vests, sewn in this style – lapels, which are rarely found in most other vests.

Waistcoat and pants from one fabric, without putting on a jacket

If you put on such a kit, people will feel that you have forgotten your jacket somewhere. However, if you roll your shirt sleeves, your image will look informal and stylish.

Vest in casual style

In this time, vests are worn not only with classic shirts and trousers. Variations in the cut of a classic vest allow it to be worn with bright shirts with prints, monotonous T-shirts, jeans and other informal clothes. And it looks very stylish and unusual. If you are not sure what to make the right image yourself, we advise you to pay attention to how bloggers and celebrities do it.


With a vest wear the same accessories as with a jacket, a butterfly, a breast-shawl and a tie. Putting on a tie under a vest, it is worth considering a couple of simple rules: The tie must be tucked under the waistcoat. You can find all best quality waistcoats at https://www.shopbrumano.com/waistcoat/